Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forgive me, Steve, for I have sinned

Well, correction: we have sinned. Me and Lolly.

We went shopping today (I was on assignment) and, oh, wouldn't you know.... it was to a DFO. And what's at DFO's, primarily? Homewares and manchester shops.

Sooooo..... we had a look in a few girly shops and, uh, came out with some things for the LGBB's Big Girl Bed, which is coming after Christmas from a friend whose daughter has outgrown it - a Holly Hobby (remember her!???) white wrought iron post bed. Oh. Be still my giddy heart.

I only got these because they were bargains. Bargains, I tell you. $100 sheet sets for $40??? How could I not get two? Patterned "Fairy Garden" sheets *swoon* And a pink velour rectangle pillow and another green and pink lacy spotty matching fairy garden pillow.

We were both. In. Throw pillow. Sheet set. Heaven.

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