Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ok, stop..... Showertime

I'm curious to know who has ten minute showers. Current shortage of water aside, who EVER had the need for a ten (or twenty) minute shower???

I've heard people in the past - radio announcers, others in passing conversations and the likes over the years - claim to have these luxurious, ridiculously long stints under running, wasting water. But honestly, I can't fathom how one needs to be under there for that long.

Unless I'm just smelly and not washing myself proper-like.... Oh. There's always that option.

Seriously, though, what's there to do for so long? Why are people requiring timers to get them out in under five minutes? No really, it's a serious question! Personally, I take under two minutes to lather up and wash AND rinse from top to toe (on days when I don't wash my hair). Am I doing something wrong? Or merely getting on with it? If I wash my hair, I can be in, shampooed, conditioned, body-washed, rinsed and out in five. One time, I timed what I thought was a deliciously luxuriant, naughty long shower. Seven minutes, internet. Seven. And that is including the time taken to set the temperature of the water and also switch off the taps each time I lathered my hair (with two shampoos and a conditioning treatment) - I tend nowadays to stop the water while I do it, then turn the taps on to rinse hair, turn the taps off again and repeat, and so forth. The only time the water is running without interruption is when I am soaping myself or cleaning the shower itself.

So how do you get to ten? Or worse still, to fifteen or twenty, dear heavens above? And do you do this still? Not that you ought. How can anybody think it's still okay, in this climate (literally), to shower for this long? Regardless of whether they clean the shower at the same time - that's just a very poor, silly excuse, because you don't need water running over you while you clean it.

If you've been taken aback a little or want to take offense at this entry, I'd advise you take a good hard look at just why you're wasting so much water (and time) in that little cubicle.

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