Friday, November 28, 2008

Is Santa taking elf helper applications?

Because I think someone *points down at photo below* would be good for the job. Just stick a little pair of pointy ears and a red hat with a pompom on her head, a pair of curly-toed slip-on shoes.... green pinafore and a pencil tucked behind an ear perhaps...

No? You can't see it?

The LGBB beams as Santa apparently tries hard to
abide by that restraining order???
(WTF is with the 1/2 metre of chair space between their bottoms?)

When I think of the past two years, never ever hoping for a smile ever, almost suing a local shopping centre for hiring "a santa who looks like a wino!", as I recall sobbing into the phone to Steve whilst in the throes of despair that the LGBB's first Christmas photo had been "RUINED! RUINNNNNED!" because Santa had a lazy eye and wasn't looking at the camera - what a jaded princess I was when full of breastfeeding hormones - I couldn't have imagined that just two Chrispins later, she'd be grinning her Guy Smiley chops off.

Steve, as I recall, took my call to his place of work very calmly. He said soothingly, "Lenny... I know it feels really sad to you right now... but I think you'll laugh about this in a few years." Poor Lenny. He really is so very patient with his little Vesuvius. And he was right *damnit, again??? she says into her sleeve*

What a difference a year and less hormones makes.

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