Sunday, November 16, 2008


Urrrgh. I thought she'd forgotten about it. But she said it last night. Adamantly. And before I could stop myself, a grimace inched across my face so she went for my jugular.

"PLAY DOUGH! Mummy, Mummy, Mummeeeeeeee.... Play dough. Play dough? I play with play dough? Mummy. MUMMY! *angry eyes* I want tha play dough."

So of course, I got it down and said "Sure! Why not? I love it when we play with play dough and Mummy finds it for weeks afterwards, even though, strangely, you didn't even move from your spot while playing with it." HOW does that happen? There ought to be a grant to study play dough teleportation and how it ends up in the places it does.

I can't stand it. Play dough, that is.

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