Monday, November 10, 2008

Trampoline Day

Recently, we got one of those Ebay deals on a 14' trampoline. Imagine my horror when I discovered yesterday, while hunting out for a friend the Ebay Store we won it from only in August, that they have done the dirtiest of things and scarpered with people's money since last month! Thankfully, we were always going to pay COD so there was never any danger of that for us - but still. There so very nearly could have been. We must have been one of the last to pick ours up.

And it is sooooo ace. Let me illustrate with pictures.

You can run this way on it.

You can run that way on it.

It's good for impromptu headstands.

You can lie down on it.

Oh yeah, and you can do that thing it was mainly designed for too.

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