Friday, November 14, 2008

And now for the barrage of photos

Horrrighty then, now to the more positive, less disparaging highlights. In photo form (of COURSE!).

Day 1:
A pro at flying, the LGBB had a few "Whoaaaa" moments as her stomach dropped while the plane was climbing (which were very sweet, even if she was pinching my forearm skin until it came up in little red bruises). It could have been so different - she hates noise and I really really don't like flying - but we both stayed strong and if not genuinely, then definitely feigned enjoyment and settled into our inflight entertainment: colouring. I teared up as I glanced over her little blonde head at Steve. And not just from the pain of the pinching in those little toddler-pincer grips. He was a bit teary too as he smiled at me. We both knew what we were doing here. We were witnessing and assisting in creating new wondrous experiences in somebody. Very humbling.

"Can you see Nana waving at you? Remember she said she was going to
when she saw your plane go past?"
That old trick was nevahhh gonna work on the LGBB, who gazed disdainfully at us then nonchalantly looked out the window and said no, so as not to spoil our fun I gather - but Nana tried it, bless her.

Day 2: Something which began early (from the first day) by the LGBB was the use of the word "holiday" - we encouraged it because it allowed us to highlight the point that it was special because we were on holiday, sort of a softened way of saying "don't get used to this, it's only because we're on holiday that you're eating xyz or seeing abc", etc. We had holiday bedrooms in our holiday house, a holiday car, holiday breakfasts, holiday milkshakes. And so forth.

Get me to this beach of which you speak, where I can do my "beaching".... STAT!
One gorgeous little ritual that I was sure might come undone whilst away (because of it's repetitive necessity) was the application of suncream. We do this at home and she seems to love standing at the mirror and copying me. Thank goodness the LGBB still saw the novelty in it day after day, several times a day - I think she is convinced it is part of her beauty routine (and rightly so, for it is something that she will have to continue for the rest of her life if she wants to avoid more freckles - oh and wasn't that a tragic day, when she first discovered a freckle on her wrist that she couldn't shake or rub or scrub off..... we didn't hear the end of it for hours, but they've made friends now apparently).

Day Two Bushed.
Meet Horace. He's a very special new soft-as-silk Plushie beanie bear. Mummy bought him for only $3.99 on Day Two when she spent over $20 on anything instore at Angus & Robertson! How ironic, then, that she only went in to said bookstore to purchase this book (so that it staved off any attempts to throw herself off the holiday balcony). So far, she's so glad she made the purchase (of book and bear). Note how dear Scraps sits dutifully by, in the background. He knows the affair will be short, hard and fast, like it is with any new friend of the LGBB's - she'll be back. She always comes back to him and takes him ev-er-y-where, her scruffy, dirty, stinky, dependable little dog.

Day 3: Currumbin Sanctuary. A mecca for meeting our indigenous animal friends.

Oh. My. Gaaaahd! You didn't say they'd sit on your head!
Daddeeeeee!!!! You are too funny.
And here we have it. We've reached the stage in every toddler's photo album where each photo has a total face-scrunched grimace-grin when asked to smile. There are going to be loads in Lolly's album.

Nobody said they'd shit on me so profusely.
They're birds, Steve. They do what birds do *shrug*

After feeding the birds, tu'pence a bag, we went and cuddled a koala. And if she wasn't stunned giddy by that one...

Mini Steve comes to terms with meeting Avon the baby koala
and then sadly having to say goodbye without bringing her back in our luggage

...then we went and completely blew her mind by letting her loose with the kangaroos.

The most obvious display of affection for anyone meeting the LGBB is her patented stiff-backed shoulder-hunching neck-disappearing compliment. If you receive this, you are SO in. The kangaroos got this accolade from her, big time.

Oh and holy crap, they DO hop!!!
Lolly witnesses for herself that the kangaroo certainly does jump with a jumpity-jump (he never walks when he can jump and people shout to him in the street, 'Goodness, gracious, what big feet!')

By this stage, I was in tears again. How could you not, when you see your kid softly chatting to these animals and slowing movements to a gentle brush here, a ginger touch there? It was one of those moments where I got to witness what I'd wondered (ie. how would she go if we got her a kitten, a hampster, any other small animal requiring delicate handling).

Oh groaaaaan, not another toddler

I mean, hello little girl, will you be my friend?

So what do you make of the global financial crisis, Rooza?
The LGBB chews the fat with her newest friend.

Steve and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to
get a photo with Mrs McGillicuddy

And so concludes the first three days. Next instalment...
Summer Holiday Romances and Other Important Things

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