Monday, November 3, 2008

Hooray. Hooray. It's a Holi-Holiday.

This week is a week of mayhem and hectic pulling together of last-minute packing and tying up loose ends at work before we go away.

I have to admit, I'm getting excited. That is, despite the forecast for bloody rain (well... not, you know, literally) the entire week we will be on the sunny east coast of Queensland.

It starts tomorrow for me. Tomorrow Steve and I are taking the LGBB on her very first long train ride. We're going in to the city to meet two other families who can only be described as our non-blood relatives. We have other families like this spread out over the country but these are the two girls in Melbourne who make my life worth living *sniff* There. I said it. You know the kinds of friends I mean - they're the ones who know you infinitely better than any of your family put together, these days, and they're always there with a ready email or a text message about something big or something so microscopically tiny (like who they're having obsessive thoughts about, such as SamRo and LiLo, or when Rhys Muldoon is on Play School playing a hysterical character in the storytime bit...). I just love the nonsensical off-the-cuff contact. It keeps me going.

Stop me before I get too whimsical.

Lolly keeps gasping great big long intakes of air every time we mention "holiday". We started preparing her for it on the weekend and, well, I think the kid might actually self-combust before we make it to the airport. It'll be one of those things where, as a kid, you've look forward to it soooooo much that you have surprise-special-sensory intake overload by the time you're experiencing it for real and so only manage to absorb about 20% of all the exciting stuff you're seeing and doing.

We have been told by the LGBB in no uncertain terms that this is a "swimming holiday". We told her there would be pools. And a beach. And even though I've never properly sat down and gone over the concept of beaches and waves and water and sand, she's watched enough Play School and seen enough books to know what it is. And that she LOVES it already. We'll see. Little Miss "I Don't Like It, It's Bit Funneeeeee" who shrieks this exact sentence every time her bare feet meet grass may not be so keen on sand. I shall watch with interest.

So the swimming holiday begins in earnest on Friday. And Friday night, oh my giddy aunt, I get to meet up with some of my most favouritestest women on the Gold Coast. No, not the meter maids. Actually, to be technically fair, they're in Brisbane not the Gold Coast, anyway. Still, what I wouldn't give to see them in those gold bikinis. HAAAAA HA HA HA HA.

Okay now I'm just being silly for my own amusement *insert evil-devil-horned smiley here* Bring on pancakes! Bring on Thursday! Bring on no work for a week!!

Don't forget to check the mail, have I put the timer on the living room lights? Oh and.... and... and... BYEEEE!

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