Thursday, November 20, 2008

He's not rotten. Just misunderstood.

Watching LazyTown this morning, the LGBB came running over for a cuddle. It was her nervous "I'm scared and I don't quite know why" gesture.

I glanced up and saw Robbie Rotten under a sheet, pretending to be a ghost and scaring the kids in LazyTown.

To cut a long story short, I believe the LGBB cut to the heart of Robbie's issues (and resultant apparently incessant need to create misery and havoc in the lives of the people in LazyTown): when the sheet was ripped off him and the dastardly villain was revealed underneath it, Lolly piped up (in a rather patronising "(tut) Oh you again" patient voice), "Oh Robbie Roppen.... he's sweeeeeet."

What's the bet Lolly will befriend all those kids in school who create mischief and drama just because they need attention (any attention, even the bad kind). I'm tippin' ....

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