Saturday, November 15, 2008

A whole new world

I had the utmost pleasure of meeting a squishy little bundle of pink baby girl and her lucky (if not sore and tired) Mummy whilst away on the Gold Coast. The LGBB was beside herself with excitement at going to a hospital (it's an ambulance thing, she has a current obsession and often asks me to take her to the hospital - about a 10 minute walk from here - so we can... do hospital stuff, I guess). And when she realised she was going to meet a new baby, well. It was just a delirious outing. I picked up this gorgeous pop-up card and have half a mind to make some of my own for various occasions. Dunno. It's a nice idea but I guess I'll probably never get around to it. After all, there's so much else to finish first. Like that book of mine, for starters.

For the rest of the day, and sometime into the next morning, all we were asked was, "Where's the baby? Where's the baby's mummy? Where's the girls? Where's my friends?" We were staying close enough to the hospital that we could just thumb over our shoulder and say, "Up there. In the hospital." Then I got regular, "What she doing? Mum? MUM! What's the baby doing now?" to which I had several replies at the ready: "Having a bath", "Having some milk", "Making smells." It was all very intriguing (and satisfying) to Lolly.

Welcome to the world, precious little Minnie. Congratulations to Tanya, Chris and Minnie's big-sisters-in-waiting.

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