Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Two Mommies

While we were away, the LGBB rediscovered her fascination with One Of The Many Mels in her life. They first met twelve months ago and Miss Blissbomb was all cheeky grins at her then too.

Last week, I was superseded for a younger, fresher, trimmer model Mummy for the day when we went with two families of friends to Dreamworld. Mel and I giggled about it, the day got longer and longer and the cheesy grins in Mel's direction just got more cheesy. The poor girl had to lug my daughter around the fun park endlessly. She says she did so happily... probably wasn't one of the toughest gigs in the world, I suppose. Lolly has a real habit of making you feel like you are the most loved person in the world. That day, it was Mel's turn (Miss Leesa got her little taste of one-on-one when we ducked in to see them on an ill-fated journey in the hire car back to Coolangatta Airport - it was so lovely to see yet another of my dear friends enjoying a daughter of mine *sniff*).

It's not the only ditching Lolly did that day.... she also upgraded her little man friend, Zac, for the more worldly four year-old, Thomas.

But that's an affair in photos best left for another day.

The following photos were taken when we were all taking the train from Wiggles Somewhere to Nickelodeon Elsewhere (I don't know) - when Steve and I downloaded the card from the camera that night, we rolled about laughing at the Cheshire Cat in the pink hat who had been sitting next to me grinning and gazing lovingly at her beloved Mel. As if Mel was talking to her (she was *shock gasp horror* actually having a grown-ups conversation with the other mummies and daddies at the time, as I recall).

"Oh really, Mel, you don't say!" The LGBB interjects.

"My Mel. I'll love her and pet her and stroke her purdy hair"....

"Oh you!" Lolly thinks Mel is sooooo funny and Thomas wishes his mother would just butt OUT already and stop taking attention away from his new lady friend.
And Zac realises his love is well and truly lost. To Mel.

"She's mine, allll miiiiine. Can we take her home, Mummy?"
Lolly stakes claim on her newest bestest friend as Thomas
is well and truly ditched in Lolly's favour of his mother.
Hey, what can I say - my girl has taste ;-P

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