Friday, December 12, 2008

Life paths - By the decade

Following on from this post, something new that I'd like to begin to explore, with anyone who is willing and wanting, is a method of healing/understanding that has just recently been brought to my attention - using one's birth date to find their numerological number (I'm a 1, for interest's sake) and then applying it to a set of interconnecting colour mandalas - each of which have their own healing properties when properly applied to a situation or a life path - there is more understanding to be gained from reading up on one's decadal (as in, by the decade) life path.

For instance, I am in my fourth decade (as I am in my thirties). I looked mine up and it goes like this:

Number 1: Magenta - Leadership and self-preservation for the sake of others
4th Decade is aligned with Mandala 31: "The Forest of Fostering, Fathering and Furthering", Rich Green, the stone Fuchsite, the animal Emu, the sound chord of C.
Lesson in this decade: Physicality
Balanced state: Discipline - which says, "I recognise what I can control in my world and I exercise that responsibility."
Rich (green) Focus: Connecting the dots; understanding and acceptance of your ordination
(ill-positioned) Muddy, ie. if I'm not balanced: non-acceptance of your ordination

From this, I can see very clearly that I did indeed begin my thirties in this manner and continue to strive to "connect those dots" as I move *omg a bit too fast for my liking* into the middle of this decade I am in. I would not claim to be in my balanced state (yet) because I am still learning to exercise the responsibility in recognising what I can and can't control in my world. I very much recognise in myself the mandala title "fostering, fathering and furthering" - I have fathered a cause, for instance (the current vehicle for which is my book for the time being), and I am fostering and furthering it (through my striving to understand and learn more about myself and human nature and behaviours in order that I may give out what I discover, in case it helps someone/anyone else). So there is the #1 part too very clearly: "for the sake of others".

On to Emu, I can further gain understanding by looking at this animal. In part, the paper I have on this totem reads:

Emu is one of the earliest developed birds and knows the wisdom and plans of Mother Earth at very deep levels. Father Emu ("Old Man Emu") assumes the role of father-carer and tends the young birds. He it is who guides new Emu life, supporting its learning in whatever is needed for balance in the soul of Emu's spirit family.

Father Emu sits on the eggs and patiently allows each egg in turn to break open with its individual new life. As sole parent, he holds the strength within to journey creatively with this new life. His lesson to you is that you find the stability to be gained from recognising the masculine energy within - the energy that fathers growth and creativity into being and extends fatherly support and encouragement to others.

Emu has no need to fly. Emu's appearance in your life may mean that now is not the time to take flight, but rather to keep both feet on the ground, walking the supportive path of recognising the responsibilities of Fathering-time. It is time for you to be like Emu, creating new life with others and tending and supporting it. It is time for you to look around to see if there are others you can encourage and help. Such actions will further the process of your own growth and those of your projects which need new life.

Emu runs the open lands, drinks water from the pools, gathers under the trees (to under-stand in the wisdom of life) and rests in the knowledge that all one needs to know is to be found in the universe - when one trusts and travels in one's own truth. Emu, then, knows how to read the messages from teh sky and the energy of the earth, so Emu's appearance heralds a time to understand that leaving projects while calling for others to mother and support you just will not bring results. Emu calls upon you to DO IT NOW rather than be a "gonna be!" Emu challenges you with the question, "Why fly when you can walk your chosen path groundedly?" Emu tells you that you can run your life without copying the ways of others or being defined by them. However, first you must find, accept and trust your own truth.

Ok, and now for my confession (whether or not you believe me 'cause this is the honest injin truth): I have never read that paper before. It's in the Green Ray manual, which was the first colour I did at the beginning of 2008... but we were meant to read the animal totems as "homework" *cough* I've never been good with homework.

So, I guess this just confirms my point that this stuff is magic if you are seeking further understanding and/or clarification of where you're "at" and where you're heading. I had no idea this animal totem was all about "creating new life with others and tending and supporting it. It is time for you to look around to see if there are others you can encourage and help. Such actions will further the process of your own growth and those of your projects which need new life." Because, essentially, isn't this exactly what I've just offered my blog audience??? Hmmm. I love this stuff *happy sigh*

If you would like me to look yours up, please contact me either via comments here or my email. It would help me to receive feedback into how much/little it relates to you and whether it helps at all. I'd love to share your experiences here, but would only do that with permission - for the sake of furthering a community/collective feel, is all. If you're up for it and game ;) drop me a line (and of course, you reserve the absolute right not to be made an example of on here!). And psst, don't forget to give me your birth date, month and year and an email address to get you your information please.

Of course, you could always go to Peace Space directly and get yourself right into whichever modality you're feeling is right for you. They even do the colour ray course by correspodence (so don't let distance put you off, if you are committed and want to really do it... then do it! I highly recommend it, though it is full-on learning and can be quite confronting - in a good way - if that is what you're seeking at this time in your life). They pretty much offer every alternative healing method you can think of.

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