Saturday, December 6, 2008

OPERATION: Make Way For Big Girl Bed

Today's the day: the builder started at 8am and has dismantled the rest of what was the ensuite jutting into Lolly's bedroom. We started preparing the LGBB a few weeks ago, when Steve first made the holes in the wall after gutting what was the ensuite (I kid you not, a two year-old with an ensuite and a kitchenette... they had to go, I was too jealous). Then, we realised we could really milk this Santa bit for all it was worth and ENSURE ourselves a willing partaker in the Cot To Bed mission later this year.

So. Wouldn't you know! *slaps hands to thighs in mock wonder* Santa has been drawing up plans for the LGBB's very own Big Girl Bed. And it's all we hear about, don't you worry. "Santa's bringing Lawen's Bigur-Bed" is a regular statement.

I went down there with the LGBB at 11.30 to take these snaps while the builder - a really good one, if you're in the market... except, how's this: his name is Ramon and the ring tone on his mobile is Sex and the City's theme tune.. er, that was MY ringtone not so long ago. What's a builder doing with it? I like his taste, I'll credit him that. Anyway, all I could think when I looked was, "Good Lord, what have we done..." And then, "It's only mess, it's only mess..." Hnnnngh!

Everything you see in blue, by the way, is GOING! And also, that funny round thing on the wall is already gone, since I've taken these photos. It was a fan for the ensuite and boy, did it drive us up the (now non-existent) wall. Every time the wind blew in a certain direction (which was apparently often), it would whirr and upset Lolly so she wouldn't sleep. Needless to say, we're very glad it's gone!
Someone's looking very much like her friend, Zac, adopting his patented two-finger-suck comforter routine in this shot....

In keeping with the Rid Blue mission, we went down to a local carpet layer's today, me and the LGBB. And wouldn't you know, it was. our. lucky. day. The guy had a STACK of off-cuts they had bought at auction off some other poor bugger who'd gone out of business... We found a 4x4m square of the most divine carpet, the sort of stuff that wouldn't sell off the roll for less than $200p/m. We walked out with it for $120 *did you hear that sound? it was my jaw hitting the floor* I was expecting to not get change from $300-400 for a rug that large. It's got unfinished edges so we're probably going to lay it as her actual carpet once the extension has completed (next year, hopefully).

I'm not sure now what I'm more excited about: the losing the blue carpet by way of such a brilliant find, or the inspired creation of a little reading/bookshelf nook, which was cleverly suggested by the FIL some months back. Hmmm, probably the bookshelves thing, because I know it's going to be SO cool and handy for her in years to come. But it's a close call.

Here's Lolly looking really, really unsure about all the mess:

The hole in the floor was the waste pipe where the toilet was, and if you look past the new frame, that hole showing exposed beams in the floor was the shower recess.

Here it is close up: cutting the shower recess in half was a bit of inspired thinking from Steve's dad because we were going to simply take the wall straight across. But then we were wondering how to get around the issue of a window which is up high on the wall on that side of the room and he suggested a 'nook', so now she will have bookshelves and a cupboard under, built into this section of the wall! It's the perfect size and we're very pleased that we haven't had to structurally mess with that corner bit (the small blue painted section of the wall you see here).

I cannot WAIT to get my hands on some paint and decorate. I have been itching to make her a pretty room. I just went and snuck a look and, oh.... am trembling with the possibilities! It's looking fantastic.

"Now I'm as tall as Daddy!"

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