Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well who's a jolly Scrooge then?

I found this entry I made around about this time last year. It's interesting (to me) to look back twelve months ago and see where my headspace was. Frankly, how I found the time to even keep the blog going, whilst packing and still at the beck and call of a yet-to-walk toddler, up to our necks in packing boxes at one house and our knees in rubble at the other..... it's little wonder I was a tad tetchy.

This year, I feel far more expansive. More able to say "Bring it awn, Universe and Everyone!" I'm rather raring to go. Even though I am also flat to the floor and working hard, it feels productive for the moment.

And now for the Scrooge bit.

We had to go to a shopping centre (I know, are we insane?) today for a job I had to do. Walked past Santa. He was a lovely, warm-faced Santa (and not just cos of the silly suit). They were selling snowdomes that you put the picture of your child and Santa inside, advertising them for $19.95. How reasonable, I thought. And then, with a "Why not", we lined up for one. I knew Lolly would love it and it'd be a nice memento.

We got to the front of the queue and the attendant asked me what we were after. I told her "One snowdome please" and she clarified with me that the price was just for the snowdome itself and the photo was going to be extra. Righty-o, I said, still not too phased. So show me the price list.

And that's when my jaw hit the floor at the cheek of them advertising it for "just $19.95".

I am buggered if I am going to pay $16.95 for the minimum photo package in order to be able to receive the wallet sized photo (which is the one that fits the snowdome) for another $8.95!!! That's actually $45.85 you'd be up for.

Bloody false bloody advertising bloody shits me.

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