Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting the hang of this Christmas thing

Over the past several days, our first wrapped Christmas presents have been delivered. We have explained to the LGBB that they go under the tree and we open them "after Santa comes" (it's become a yardstick recently for anything that isn't going to happen immediately). Of course, there have been lashings of build-ups, designed to enhance the wonder and excitement of what might be in the parcels.

The LGBB has really taken to this game. I discovered today that, as well as when I requested for her to put the calendars from our UK cousin under the tree "so we can open them once Santa comes", she has also put some of her favourite things under there. Oh, and some mail.

So far, the stash includes a Little People ice cream truck, her favourite cup and an ANZ statement for Steve. And one or two legitimate presents.

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