Thursday, December 25, 2008

He's been!

I finished the chocolate Christmas trees and the rest of my cooking around midnight. I was listening to a Christmas playlist generated by the awesome Genius feature on our iTunes (ever tried it?) and third vodka down for the day, began to have lusty thoughts about Mel Torme. All because of his voice. I swear, nobody has ever sung What Are You Doing New Years Eve better in the history of the world *wipes bead of sweat off brow*

My only other memorable oddspot to note about my cooking frenzy was that I got to thinking about how, when Steve attempts a fake-manly voice, he always sounds like Dr Hibbard from The Simpsons. Isn't that curious!

Well, without further ado, I bid all of you reading a very merry day. Loaded with loved ones, patience for same and lashings of lovely food. Have a safe one, peeps.

More later.

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