Monday, December 15, 2008

Word up

My brother and his delightful girls (and one of my dear, dear SIL's) live in Japan. They come for an extended visit every two years or so. This year is going to be a blast because the LGBB is at just the right age to appreciate them. My brother is especially clever with video editing and makes these amazing masterpieces (as keepsakes for his two daughters, aged 4 and 7 now, gosh where's the time going?). And Lolly delights in watching them. Mia in particular, to Lol, might as well be a member of Hi-5, she loves her and her antics so.

We've been educating the LGBB on their impending trip at the end of January. "The girls will sleep in your room!" "Yes, you can all go on the trampoline together." "No, you can't see them today, they live a long, long way away."

And then came all the extended questions about why we couldn't just click our fingers and see them. So I've gone into simple but palatable chunks of information about how Mia and Emma live in a country far, far away called Japan. And that we live in a country called Australia. I didn't think she'd taken any of this in, not in any meaningful way.

However, it would appear something rather tickled someone's fancy - must be the whole "so far away that they have to come on a plane" thing. For today, I overheard the LGBB wording Jazz up on just exactly where Japan is.

"Da-azz" *calling through the gate at the top of her voice at the dog standing 20cm away) "Mia liveth long, long way 'way... in Japan *then pointing behind her vaguely* "past that house down dere"

I. Nearly. Cried.

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