Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't call her that!

Ohhhh, she has a fatty lump. You're not saying she is one.

Got it.

The vet just called back. After 8pm. Way to make me sweat it out! (though if I've lost another kilo, I'll be sure and thank you, doggy doctor). There were not one, but two emergencies in there this afternoon. Oh. That'd explain the no-call-back. And when she called back, she apologised that she had to be quick because she was about to go into emergency surgery. Again... oh *cue very bashful grimace from me*

Would you believe, Fatty Lump is the official, non-terminal verdict for Pepper. She lives to limp and bump her head arthritically for another day (and many more I hope), it seems!

Can't tell you how many big relieved sighs I've done already.

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