Friday, December 12, 2008

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Wednesday this week past marked the final colour ray class for the year - Turquoise. So completes the thirteen rays.

I didn't go. It just didn't work out with the LGBB, child care and also having only gone up there last week for one very important class (to me), Master Rose. I've done Turquoise ray before, but it was a few years ago now and the work has changed enormously since then. So I guess I'll probably do it by correspondence in the next week or two, just to bed down the learning/experience.

We're going up to do some work at Peace Space next Wednesday, the LGBB and I. I love taking her, but I haven't done since she was a wee might. I think this is the first time she will have gone since she started walking. I still can't believe it's only been five months since she started properly using those legs of hers...

But I digress.

I have decided that to take this blog into the New Year with me and where I'm continuing to head, I will be introducing the colours as they come up (roughly once per month, given that there are thirteen they are a bit more squished into the year than that). I found this year that, even though I wanted to share my growth and learning about each colour as I went, it was too huge and too much to alternately take it all in plus feed it back in any coherent, useful, accurate sense.

So, next year, as I won't be doing those classes again diligently (I might do one or two that I either missed or want to gain more clarification from and so do again in the group), I will be able to explain them as they come up.

See, the interesting thing I've noted and been shown is that the effects of the colours is universal - it isn't just one little patch of dirt in the centre of the state of Victoria on a property known as Peace Space that has the monopoly on all this. Just like a few weeks ago when I mentioned the ladybug thing and I had a number of you comment, email and even phone and leave messages relating to your own sighting of them :), I am wondering who's up for a bit of a social experiment next year?

Peace Space isn't the only place doing this kind of work, either. Its interpretation, of course, comes from the particular people who gather there to learn and teach each other. However, they don't have all the answers, they don't presume to understand everything they come across, but with ever widening circles of people - just like with any group anywhere in the world - the experiences and learning from the influences of a variety of individuals is what I find enriches my own understanding of my life's experiences. The colour ray classes they run are just one of the ongoing courses they have each year and they are meticulously, universally timed (ie. it's not one person's idea to do any one colour on any given month and they go in a set specific order too).

Either side of any particular colour, its influences begin to be felt roughly two weeks out from the day the class is going to be run and usually peters out around two weeks following the class - the peak time to run the class, obviously, being in the middle there when its effects are most able to be felt and understood and assimilated. I found this, in particular, rather interesting and learned to look at what was happening to me. I was then able, quite relieving it was too, to hear about others' experiences leading up to the class and realised that if I had been having a snarky time of it or felt pushed from pillar to post or had an argument with someone in a shop or with Steve, etc., I was far from the only one. How interesting it was, then, to listen and observe just how much we do, as one essentially huge community, move as a group consciousness. Or rather, as many groups. It's been so interesting to be shown how we are all connected. Everyone on Earth. I mean, it's a given - scientifically, to say the least - but to actually see and hear it in motion is quite heartwarming and wonderful.

So... and here comes my huge commitment to lots of bloggy homework for 2009 ... I am going to take what I've learnt this year from each of my manuals and all my notes and compile a blogpost about each colour, approximately one week out (or so) from the date it is being run next year.

Does that make sense? I've always wanted to explain more fully what I come across. However, and perhaps it was divine timing once again (yes, in fact, surely it was), I never seemed to quite have the energy left to put into typing it all out. I guess as well, I wasn't really ready for the dissenting comments or questions or requests for clarification that are bound to come out of opening up like this. But now I am ready. Committed too, is more the point.

The other thing I'd like to begin to explore, with anyone who is willing and wanting, is a method of healing/understanding that has just recently been brought to my attention - using one's birth date to find their numerological number (I'm a 1, for interest's sake) and then applying it to a set of interconnecting colour mandalas - each of which have their own healing properties when properly applied to a situation or a life path - there is more understanding to be gained from reading up on one's decadal (as in, by the decade) life path.

I will explain this further in a separate post.

Bring on 2009. It's going to be a full-on year in so many ways. Don't you think?

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