Monday, December 8, 2008

Saddened by loss

Steve and I were very saddened and shocked over the weekend to read this about Richard Marsland.

We've enjoyed Richard's work for years, remembering him fondly from the Tony Martin-led Get This radio program which finished last year on Triple M. He is one of those rather unsung heroes - a comedy writer for Rove Live and Newstopia amongst other equally impressive things - and he's done a lot in his 32 years.

I'm sad for his family and all the people around him who love him, and who now have to come to terms with all the what if's and grief that this brave soul has left behind. And yes, if that is controversial, bring it on: I do believe it is brave. Not ideal, but certainly something I respect. The pain and desperation must be just so great, that self-inflicted death is the only option. That, to me, takes a lot of courage - people call it the "easy way out"... I wouldn't think it's too easy, there's a lot to face in facing one's death (particularly if it's not out of your hands, I'd imagine).

Very sobering to deliberate.

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