Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night, we went out for dinner to celebrate the end of an extremely long work week (I did more hours in the first four days of the new pay fortnight than I had done in the entire previous fortnight put together and had to do seven days straight, as it turned out - end of month stuff).

Sitting at the table, waiting for our orders, we enjoyed the complimentary starter bread (a flat herb focaccia). The LGBB enjoyed hers a little too much, finished it quickly and then seized her moment when Steve put down the last end of his while he drew me a sketch of an idea he'd had for our new outdoor entertaining area (building starts so soon, I can smell it in the air!).

LGBB: Look over there! *tapping her father on his sleeve and pointing past him*
Steve: Where? *looking in that direction*
LGBB: *more to herself than us* I'll.... just take.... this one, this is mine.....

And with that, the cheeky little monkey swiped his complimentary bread, with eyes as wide as saucers because I think she was impressed even with herself that her trick had worked. I've never had to try so hard in my life not to laugh, I think, because it really was orchestrated beautifully and Steve had zero idea of what she was about to do.

But you can't encourage this sort of thing. No. Next she'd be trying to yoink a coffee out of my hands. And that would never do.

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