Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's gonna work?

Anyone acquainted with The Wonderpets will know what I mean when I say... it's cute, in a little-kid lispy, mispronunciation kind of way. It also has a theme tune that is so sweet it will get stuck in your teeth and rot them. A tune that gets in my head and I find I hum it throughout the day.

This morning, it was on and Steve was heading for work. Absent-mindedly he sang along with part of it. To amuse himself, he made it sound like the Michael Buble-Frank Sinatra lounge version.

"What's gonna work-ah? *finger-snap* That nutty, koo-koo, crazy witchcraft teeeeam work."

I heard this and was bent over double in the laundry, giggling my pj's off. Until he heard me and upped himself. He called out to me and said he'd decided he was going to sing it all day to his colleagues (Steve's the Ops Manager at a very busy printing firm). And he began again, this time in a high-pitched squeaky kid-voice:

"The paper's stu-uck. We'd bet-ter call dem. This is sew-ious! Let's save the plate-setter. Let's save the plate-setter...."

Of course, this is made all the more funny to me because one of the Wonderpets characters is called Lenny. And, well, I don't have to remind you all (or maybe I do) that he and I are The Original Lennys.

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