Monday, August 3, 2009

Australian Magpie

When I think about a chilly, sunny morning, dew drenching everything and mist rising as the sun hits the dew and burns it off the grass, nothing quite completes the scene more than the warble of a magpie. I love their song, it is so enchanting. I find it a very striking call. It may well be that they remind me so much of my childhood, where magpies and kookaburras were the "common" birds and some became so tame you could almost, almost touch them.

About four years ago, when I began to get serious with my intuitive work, I did a course in Clearing & Protection. It became a part of my day, almost ritualistic in nature, and the benefits were felt immediately. I had just fallen pregnant for the tenth time. With one Miss Lolly. So she came with me, at a spritely 9 weeks' gestation, for a weekend where I would discover the potential I had within me to make a difference in the space and the world immediately around me.

As I have oft repeated, this is something available to all of us. By whatever method others may choose, there are scores of similar ways to clear and protect oneself. Some pray, some fast, others offer sacrifices, chant, dance.... I won't even count all the ways. There is not "just one way", though, and I think when you find the one that works with you, you're onto something - I don't really speak about my method (the Peace Space mode to healing method) because it's a personal thing. What works for me won't necessarily even raise an eyebrow for you :)

All I know is.... it does change things, so I incorporate it into what I "do" and find that it takes the edge off an otherwise large toll. Ummmmmm, I hasten to point out here that it is this very clearing and protection procedure I have been abysmally remiss in conducting for the better part of, oh, this year? It is something I have been clearly shown, in recent days/weeks, that I do not take seriously enough, perhaps regard highly enough (kind of like, "little old me? Who am I to think I can make a difference, so why bother?") - and this is the very attitude that contributes to that "Everyone complained about the situation, but no one realized there could be an alternative" mindset that is written in the Dreamtime Magpie story. To me, it is a very similar thing.

So. On to Magpie. This is written from the perspective of Neri, one of the Animal Healing Wisdom teachers who has become a dear friend and confidante to me over the past six or so years. Here, she is weaving in just one of the very many "signals" around us, that the animals are there to show is - in their wisdom - if we take the time to look at how they live their lives. Magpie, in particular, is pertinent to me at the moment because, as I read it again now, I am reminded that this energy very much relates to group-conscious or community-mindedness - something I am walking with this past week, in relation to the "cloak of miscarriage" and all that is in that bag of tricks.

You don't need to "know how" to do this clearing and protection, spoken about in the below animal totem - simply being aware when you see them and finding it fit in the context of your life at the time might be the only contemplation necessary. But it's worth a shot.

I think so, anyway.

Australian Magpie

The Magpies of Australia are well-known for their carolling songs that welcome the light of each new day at dawn. As the darkness of night becomes the light of day, Magpie reminds one and all that a new day has begun and that we need to be aware, as we let the sunshine into our day, that we should also bring the Light into all that we do and are involved with in our lives. Magpie's energy song lifts the cloak of darkness to herald the light and reveal the colours of life. This bird's black and white colouring also symbolises the darkness and light that exists in everything that is.

Observation of the Magpie reveals that these birds are constantly aware of what is happening within their territories as they patrol and protect their spaces. Adult Magpies are well-known for vigorously protecting their nests, eggs and young by swooping and diving on anything that approaches - humans, cats, dogs and other birds. Every member of the Magpie group is involved in the defence of the territory and in clearing it of unwanted intruders and predators. Protection is a way of life for them and they mirror to us humans our need to be diligent in adequately clearing and protecting whenever we work with psycho-spiritual levels of conscious awareness.

When sensing any darkness or heaviness of the energies surrounding you or infiltrating a situation you may be involved in, call on Magpie energy to assist in shining light on the subject and in bringing in a new perspective with a sense of joyous harmony.

If you find yourself in a place where the Magpies are a common sight, you may wish to note the number of Magpies you see at the very beginning of each day. As I have worked with Peace Space Clearing & Protection, I have noticed that seeing a single Magpie can indicate a First Level of Clearing & Protection, two Magpies can indicate the need for a Second Level and so on, up to the Seventh Level. Magpies also typify group-strength and group-consciousness as they work together towards the common goals of their community. It is, then, suggested that you return to the First Level of Clearing & Protection and send unconditional love to the All. Seeing this greater number of Magpies could also indicate to you that now is not a time to be independently-minded but instead seek support for your efforts from like-minded others around you.

Groundedness is another quality of Magpies as most of what they feed on is on the ground. Theirs is a diet of invertebrates, including scarab larvae, and they will use their strong pointed bills to poke around and turn up sticks and stones and even cowpats in search of insects. Magpie’s wisdom suggests you make sure you are grounded when working energetically. It suggests that you be aware of those annoyances (indicated by the insects) which need thoughtful digestion before you can gain a better understanding. Magpie’s appearance may mean it is time to shed light on some seemingly small annoyance before it becomes a bigger issue. Magpie teaches us to act now to clear and protect ourselves, a situation and / or those around us – to shift the unwanted energy or interference in order to re-establish peace and harmony, and so create a clearer space in which to exist.

If environmental conditions become harsh or constricted, Magpies, as a group, will form a line to carefully and methodically search for seeds or carrion as food. Such behaviour offers a us a cue not stay stuck in one method of understanding. It may be time to seek help from others in order to find alternative solutions to your situation. Magpies signify single-mindedness and group-consciousness without being caught in the “black and white” of a situation. On an energetic level, Magpies sing in the light that clears the way for fresh insight and new colour in our lives, while, at the same time, protecting our space from unwanted and incorrect energies.

Clearing Protection Light-Dark Single mindedness Group consciousness Community

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