Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Makeup

For a while there, the LGBB was racing in whenever she heard me in our bathroom, eager to get "her" makeup out of my drawer and put it on. Thankfully, this has eased up and she only saunters in once a week or so. Granted, I do tend to sneak away and do it, if I'm going to put makeup on, because... okay, I admit it, it shits me to tears sometimes when she goes through my stuff and musses it all up and mixes the colours around.

I put a useless contraption child lock on the drawer, but the LGBB simply removes it, puts it aside, has her way with my toiletries and then hands it over to me, asking me to "put this back on now, Mum." *withered look to the Heavens*

I have to giggle (internally) at the sight of a determined, terrier of a child, dragging her little step up to the ensuite sink, rummaging in my drawer and pulling out the eyeshadow that she has deemed "My One." And then watch her plaster it all over her face - she applies it like blusher, especially the chocolate tone ones... don't you know? They show up better on the cheeks.

In the flurry of then not only having to "put my face on", I'm constantly having to wipe off the LGBB's carefully applied gunk, a task she wails at me for doing. I have to convice her it's still there, it can still be seen (even though.... shhhhh.... it pretty often can't). Time waits for no mum and her Rimmel-eyeshadow-laden toddler either, let me tell you. If I had a dollar for every time I've been late on account of having to clean up my daughter's makeup off her face.... and she's not even twelve yet.

The other thing she's got going for her is that she is soooooo tidy. SUPER tidy. Leaves me to shame type tidy. Regardless of whether she's hitting the town, meeting with friends, going out for a 'cino (baby variety of course), taking herself off to a quiet corner for a discreet dump in her pants or simply strolling in the park, the LGBB can brush that makeup across her face, snap it all shut, put it back where she got it from and close the drawer as if she'd never been in there. It's slightly disturbing, her stealth.

Me? Well... I'll let the picture give the visual. Suffice to say, this is the scene that greeted me one night when I walked back in to the bathroom after a hard day. The mess, the makeup, it was all left there by Yours Truly. And Lolly's makeup? Neatly back in the drawer, where she found it, not a skerrick on the counter top.

Leaves me to shame, that kid.

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