Saturday, August 15, 2009

Coincidence or no?

Some like to put a lot of things down to coincidence. Signs. Occurrences. Noises. Things like that.

Others are adamant there is no such thing as coincidence.

On Thursday, I was hanging out washing on the deck. The LGBB was standing at her chalkboard, using her magnetic letters and numbers. I was deep in thought as I pegged wet clothes on the line, my mind subconsciously organising the previous day's lesson up at Peace Space.

I had sat in on Electric Blue. It was a fairly indepth colour to learn about and shed light on a number of things that had been happening for me over the past month. I could see, with my own internal realisations, where I had gone off track over a few things with an acquaintance I've had dealings with. I was able to see where I had not been considering that person, so sure was I in my own stance. It was a big lesson, one I was SO convinced I was "right" on. The issue itself boiled down to two people (one of them being me) thinking they were "right" and justified in what they were doing. A good, old-fashioned stalemate. Neither of us, in fact, wrong or right. Just seeing things differently. Regardless of how I rationalised it in the end, in order to shelve the issue and move forward, that person's decision (or, indeed, whether they even noticed I had moved on) was not any of my business. Moving on or forward, to me, does not signal backing down or superiority... none of those inflections were in my intentions to learn and get past this. I simply wanted to unravel it and 'crack' the issue for myself. Something, I am relieved and not so surprised to say, which gave way for me by the time I had driven home that night. So, I guess, it was a win for me of sorts. I felt freed.

During the course of the day, it was reiterated that Electric Blue work should never be done without an infusion of Rose Pink, the ray of Pure Love. When I did that class, I remember being surprised to learn that Rose Pink, pure love, did not necessarily mean airy-fairy, fluffy chick, puppy dog kind of love, nor was it always beautiful or easy to receive (and/or give). It was something far more intense, and sometimes tougher, than this.

So these were where my thoughts were. I looked over absent-mindedly while I was thinking to myself that I had to look more closely at the Electric Blue manual, 1) to further unpack my own motives, method and true inner self about this issue with this other person and 2) to read back over why and where Rose Pink is needed while I do this (I think I'll be doing a healing on the issue at some point soon).

I almost missed it, for it was so subtle amongst her busy work, but there on the LGBB's board was the most amazing thing. Her first spelled-out word. Yes, a coincidence. At least, that part of it anyway. But the word itself that she "happened" to spell? Ha.

Can you see it?

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