Monday, August 17, 2009

Mandala Meditation Monday #9

An interesting one today for those who can get a hold of a piece of Lapis Lazuli.

This mandala is part of Electric Blue, which is still 'in the air'. The text speaks for itself, but I find my chest feeling like it is expanding, just with the sheer potential, as I read it.

I hope you like it too!


the colour of... RICH INDIGO
the sound chord of …D major 7
the essence of...LAPIS LAZULI...A potent cleanser, it attracts the ethereal fluidium into the body to work with the cells to remove toxicity. Also known as a stone of true friendship, LAPIS LAZULI aligns the etheric, mental and spiritual bodies and stimulates increased personal expression, especially that of a spiritual and psycho-spiritual nature. LAPIS LAZULI is especially good for shy, introverted and retiring persons and can assist those of an autistic accord to deal better with reality. LAPIS LAZULI addresses anxiety and releases tension because of its stimulation of the thyroid and its energising of the throat chakra. You are then better able to engage your higher self and express or release buried emotions. LAPIS LAZULI increases psychic ability, develops inner discipline, stimulates the skeletal system and strengthens your physicality during spiritual growth. It creates a sense of strength, vitality and virility. LAPIS LAZULI invigorates the lymphatic system, pituitary and thymus whilst activating sections of the vertebrae. It may be used for tonsillitis, issues involving the larynx and upper bronchial passages, disease involving the spleen, lungs, lymphatic system, throat and thymus, as well as blood disorders, eye problems, fever, melancholia, neuralgia, and spasms. LAPIS LAZULI strengthens all meridians and on the cellular level it increases mitosis and augments the assimilation of nutrients through the cell walls. LAPIS LAZULI may be used to stimulate detoxification, metabolism, and the circulation, mental clarity, meditation, personal articulation and broadcasting thoughts. It increases the oxygenation of the haemoglobin and assists in the assimilation of calcium, lecithin, phosphorous, Vitamins B, C, E.

This Mandala will encourage you to fully recognise your desired visions. Here you will be required to hold to your spiritual quest through the night sky until you can see the “light at the end of the tunnel”. By holding thus to your night vision quest with the assistance of starlight, you will be able to pass by any opposing, opposite, oppressed or oppugnant resistance with optimism and options. This is the experience of bringing your will into motion and allowing your justified pride to re-form through your correct motive and productivity.

You will be required to be single-pointed in the way you enact your intent. If you stand in your purpose towards service and heartfelt sharing, and are prepared so to act, this experience will take you through the gateway of the past so that you can regroup the elements of your self-empowerment and recoup its mastery. Such focus will aid your connection to a twofold bequeathing—both to yourself (for it will allow you to dedicate yourself to giving from the very core of your heart) and also to the Earth (for you will be giving of your truest beauty).

These experiences do carry a sense of overwhelm and can be very consuming of your energetic pattern and perceptional levels because such an open space of opportunity, like the night sky, will stretch your vision to a greater capacity of clear sightedness than ever before. However, once you move away from hesitating because of fear and uncertainty, these experiences will magnify your need to be empowered and to act from that self-empowerment. You should tread very warily during your night-quest, nonetheless, and take one careful step at a time whilst you feel your way.

The porthole represented by this Mandala will allow you to view your emotional state from the safety vessel of your mind, for this Mandala is the home which separating yourself from reacting has created for you. It will allow you to sail your objective through rough waters that have been navigated by a much higher vision than mere physical seeing. It will be wise for you to stay your sights on the light of the solar system, for this light is the only guide you should focus upon when you chart new waters. However, it will be important for you to realise that you have charted much of the course already! Your learnings from previous experiences have prepared the way thus far and your series of seeming ‘failures' constitute the map that you are you now to follow.

Vitally important for this journey will be deep breathing. It will fathom you into the greatest depths of your pride’s neediness. This will be a time for you to trust your senses and support your physical sight by using all your senses as one.

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