Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My new hero

*Better put a warning here in case anybody is offended by the f-bomb....
don't click the link in this post if you don't like swearing,
or have 'little eyes that can read'.....
there, you've been suitably warned!*

This guy.

He reminds me of my Grandma (Dad's mum), just with rude words - Grandma never swore... well, not badly, anyway. She was cranky as all get-out and moreso in her final years (Grandma died of a heartack in front of Steve and me when she was 83, back in 2000), but she was also pretty funny with the grumpy stuff she said.

I only hope that...

a) I get to 73,

b) My daughter takes me as un-seriously as this bloke's son and

c) I remember to swear cantankerously like there is no tomorrow.

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