Friday, August 21, 2009

And I thought it was Step-Mothers who were wicked witches

Well, it would appear that the LGBB is now calling her Nanna a "witch."

Now, before we all declare her a precocious toddler for not respecting her elders [oh how archaic, I almost choked just typing the words], here is the quite innocent backstory:

The LGBB was "reading" the postcard she received in the post from her Nanna and Pa. She became fixated on the stamp, which had this image of Dame Nellie Melba on it. The LGBB was convinced it was her Nanna. But, here's the weird bit - even though Dame Nellie in that portrait was around 55 (what a good sort she was, she had less wrinkles then than I do now in my mid-30's!), Lolly got all confused that this is Nanna as an "old lady". She started going on about how Nanna is an old lady now..... and repeating "poor Pa."

That is when I started the video camera. But we had no idea she was going to say what she did next...... Enjoy!

Poor Pa!! from Lolly Lovers on Vimeo.

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