Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just a dash

I'm agog, myself, to suddenly find that I have dropped (in what seems like a matter of days) weight. Visibly just all of a sudden become more toned. I have a waist, without a roll in the centre of my sides! I have a figure! Awwmigord. It's taken only a couple of weeks of diligence too - I would like to thank the Wii Fit, my dog (for jogging with me) but defo not the parents... because their combined genetics created this lifelong hurdle to beat not the bulge, but mostly fluid and slow metabolism. My father never spoke more true words to me than when I was about 22, when he warned me with a wagging finger, "You have to be careful what you eat, you girls, because it goes on easily and is difficult to take off." I was a size 8-10 then. I thought it a little backhanded of him, because I looked a bit like a head on a stick - I have really broad shoulders - and certainly didn't need to take off any more.

Okay, so maybe he also kind of sealed my fate saying that because - hey, presto! it's been happening ever since. Maybe he jinxed me.

I also bulk up super-fast and that is something I have to really watch. I can go from flabby/fluidy up top to Incredible Hulk in a week. Kid you not. So the scales have moved slightly recently, but the biggest teller for me (as they say you should watch) is the fact that I am edging ever closer to my pre-pregnancy size. Not weight (for I have been around that mark for about a year now). Funny how much my body shape and fitness changed. Although I have been back to what I weighed before getting pregnant with the LGBB - give or take a fluctuating and annoying 3-4kg - I've continued to look NOTHING like I did when I got myself back to as close to my personal peak fitness as I could get (after having Ella and then coping with the subsequent two miscarriages and IVF), because the weight has come from the unflattering fat and fluid, not from healthy muscle tone like it was before. Bleurgh, not a nice way to play Stacks-On! That is hard weight to shift, let me tell you, that sudden-hormones-up, sudden-hormones-down stuff. Grrrrrr.

So. In the past fourteen days of being measured and tested by the Wii Fit, I have lost some weight on nine of those days! Not too shabby *buffs nails on deflating chest* The scales in the bathroom are steady and they don't fluctuate the 2-4kg they were (in a day, I could stack it on and take it off, such were my whacked biorhythms). But as I said, the biggest bonus came for me, yesterday, when I walked out of a shop with a shirt that was three sizes smaller than tops I was scared I would never be too small for only about three months ago.

Don't mind if I high-five myself for this one. I'm so relieved. And so are my lungs (I get this awful asthmatic wheeze when I carry too much fluid and fat between my neck and hip area). Not to mention my mental health is mucho better. It was all feeding each other and I fear a relapse somehow, sometime, but I have to keep edging forward as long as I'm trying my best... don't I?

I'm going back for a refocus sesh next week too at the gym, after giving that one away around the time of the Hand Foot and Mouth marathon we ran for four months last year. It's time to go back and it's time to go hard, see if I can't knock another 10kg on the head, 'eh?! (I can think wishfully)

A fair way to go still, but a bloody good middle-point for now.

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