Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The pit

Sandpit, that is!

When we demolished the old kitchen here, we kept the sink. My plan was to use it for a sandpit for the LGBB. The frame for it could be built later.

We got stuck into renovations and the sink got busy getting dirty out in the weather for over four months in the driveway down the side. But then, driving one day through a suburb near here on hard rubbish week, I saw this metal frame from an old broken glass tabletop coffee table. I convinced Steve to drive back and collect it in his car, before anyone else had the bright idea to use it as a kitchen sink-turned-sandpit stand and nab it for themselves. Hmmm, would our sink fit though?

It did. It is perfect. It's become like a little work bench now for Lol and the trough-sized kitchen sink with its massive dish drainer section are brilliant for her to while away the ... well, I was going to say hours but who am I kidding? She's a changeable toddler. It's minutes at the moment, people. Sometimes minutes and minutes that all join together into a blissful 20 minute distraction that's non-tv-oriented. But that's very rare for the LGBB at this point in time.

Mostly at this stage, it's just minutes.

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