Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Love

A very big thank you for the tremendous response I've received so far. The emails I have had from some of you are just so thought-provoking. The comments equally as important and gratefully received. I will reply to emails, please give me a bit of time (perhaps just a week?) to do this, as it's not something I can send a pithy "thanks!" in response to. You've all been so incredibly bold and honest, I am in awe!

I am working hard today with family matters - my brother's family is staying here this week, my SIL has popped down to Tassie for a couple of well-deserved rest days with a dear friend of hers who she hasn't seen in such a long time, Steve has gone back to work and my brother went and picked up a very nasty vomiting, gastric bug (which he appears to lovingly have seemed to pass on to at least one of his girls so far) and so I've been both hands on deck all day.... a fun but challenging task when one immediately becomes three voracious little minds up for a bit of mischief! - and in the back of my mind, I have as always been carrying my book.

Now, it seems, I am formulating a train of thought. I am holding on to that tiny whisper-thin thread that my unconscious seems to have grasped and I am just hoping, waiting, that I can spin it consciously into the gold that is so obviously required in this book.

You have to all know that simply by sticking it out and reading this blog as you do, you too as individuals are extremely important to my future work. I am humbled, honoured to do it, and also greatly determined to meet my life's challenge.

Tired But Increasingly Curious

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