Thursday, January 15, 2009

I forgot

We admired this perfect, tall flame from Ella's candle on her birthday while we baked in the kitchen. Yes... a rose pink candle. Always, for her.

I hadn't even thought of this story for more than a fleeting moment in the past year or so. I thought that by now, everyone who wanted to find it would probably have found it.

But then I was reminded by an email that came in unexpectedly to my inbox. And then I remembered yet again what I keep forgetting. It's so simple, the premise of the story, but apparently it's not second nature.

I was handed this story on the day we held Ella's memorial by the person who wrote it. Someone who had not laid eyes on her in life but, I feel strongly, had a very sound and creative knowledge of what might have transpired.

How special the story is. How IMPORTANT the message is. How very, very much it aligns itself with how I too saw Ella. Of course it's fantastical. It is an adult fairytale, if you like, so that is how it reads. But my gosh... and you'll just have to go with me (believe me) on this, I know... how many touches of reality are in it are simply a gift I cannot express enough here.

Will you read it? If you've read it, will you read it again?

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