Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is this what she sees?

The results of the LGBB's photo shoot were surprising, to say the least. Of course, there were many, many shots of the overgrown weed vegie patch with half a dog running out of shot and lots of sky - these SLR's, they're mighty heavy for the little toddler-grip to hold upright - but I have to say.... she has captured some great photos!

I have not cropped any of these. These are as they were taken. All I have done is expose the blazers out of them so you can't see me blotchy bits. Hmmm, God I love Photoshop.

I'm actually really impressed. They're all flukey shots, sure. But she's captured me - and Steve - in very different facial poses. I was saying to Steve only a couple of days ago that he takes "crap photos of me" (of course, hiding my deep-seated fear that I just cannot take a good photo and therefore blaming it on the photographer). Now that I see how different my face looks, compared to the images Steve captures... well, I think I want to give her the camera more often because I prefer how she sees me to how he does. She's even captured something cheeky in him as well, something I can't get in the camera but see often.

I feel like it's showing us how purely she sees us. Sort of vulnerable. Beautiful. But we can't show it to each other. It's not quite that black and white, or clear I suppose, but it's certainly symbolic of just how much of your goodness you can give your child/ren and perhaps before you know it, you're only giving your partner the "dregs" of who you are because you've fallen into the habit of exhausting yourself being your absolute best with the kids. Don't know.... Needs more thought, that one. Anyone care to share their thoughts on that? I know there are scads of people still dizzy-in-love with their partners. We've got something more grungey than that going on here. And now I'm seeing it in vivid colour, I feel a tad sheepish.

This is giving me loads to think about today. I think there is something in it that's worthy of my responsible attention, though. And yes... my eyes are green. And blue. And ... yellowy-orange. Freaky, huh?!

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