Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Or so help me...

Just cannot "do" heat. Especially not this early in the year.

I remember 40º days in Melbourne last March, not so much January. We used to have hot days like this around Christmas and in our school holidays on family camping trips... urrrrrrrgh, the kind of heat that was so hot that you got goosebumps and the chills when you brushed against the tent canvas... but in recent years, I've noticed a distinct pushing back of the 'serious hot' days like we're having this week.

Boo hiss. Because I'll bet that doesn't mean we won't still be getting them in a month or even two months' time.

And, as I am seriously at the end of my rope single-handedly looking after three little munchkins, two of whom don't have English as their first language and are quite... shall we say.... a lot more boisterous than what I'm used to with the LGBB, I'm fresh out of niceties. So all you "Oh I love the heat" people: BITE ME! (but just for today. Thanks ever so.)

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