Sunday, January 4, 2009

Craft Corner Time strikes again

In November, I had the overwhelming urge to create an advent calendar for the coming days of Christmas. It came from only being able to find Barbie, Freddo Frog, Thomas The Tank Engine or very poor versions of "Santa" printed on the ones I found in the shops and which I just refuse to buy. And most of them also had a chocolate inside each day opened. Not a door *heh heh...* I wanted to open with the LGBB expecting a chocky a day. I saw some phenomenal wooden ones, you know the ones with the little boxes to put an activity or treat inside each day. And I also came across some fabric hanging ones, DIY ones, but they're just not my style.

No, I wanted a plain ordinary every-day, non-chocolated version. Like the one we had growing up. So I decided to make my own.

I found a template and decided to make my own changes to it so it wasn't so clinical-looking and boring to a small child. I used Victorian era images for most of them, throwing in the occasional ditzy snowman shot or a squirrel driving a train full of toys (Lolly loved that one!). And over the entire background, I found a village snow scene that just took her breath away. I would come in and find her gazing at it and the little pictures inside and she was soooooo tempted to open that last big door (we took the calendar down to her in her cot on Christmas Morning and she opened it in there and nearly fainted with the privilege, after a month of sodding window opening). I wasn't sure if she'd completely get the whole concept. But by day three.... she was hooked.

We had such a lovely time together, opening another "Santa window because it's the morning of a new day" after we'd wave goodbye to Steve on his way to work.

And I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out. Me. The Perfectionist. Not concerned (much) about the slight misalignment of some of the images in the bottom left corner, or the fact that it sort of bowed *tuneless whistle* I'm getting there with leaving the imperfections, orright?!

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