Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Confirmation doesn't even do it justice

You know those signs you get that hearten you so? The ones where you go "A-HA!!! I knew I knew I was going sorta kinda in a meandery procrastinating hesitant way in the right direction"? *Yes. I am this confusing and wordy in person. Often. Just ask any of my bestest phone buds*

I had a study day at Peace Space last Monday with Jen. Two days before ringing in the New Year. From virtually the moment I stepped in the door (she was working on writing about the axis mundi within each living thing), she mentioned to me that "they upstairs" were telling her to tell me to look up Mookaite. It's a stone. I didn't, not immediately. Our conversation was rapid and half-counselling, half-mentoring. I spoke of our plans with the house and, without reminding her that she'd told me several years ago that I would be working/counselling out of a room in my garage - I can see it, you will be consulting from home, she had adamantly and almost apologetically told an emphatically resistent and frightened me at the time (before Lolly was thought of, that's how long ago this was) - but it just seemed so unlikely at the time and I thought she must surely have it all wrong*. In the house we were in, before we moved here, the street was not right for it, the land itself was just not conducive to healing. Here, though.... here, there is space. There is greenery, nurture, a hum from the Earth almost. It's majestic in its two hill peaks at front and rear of the property. It's all just right. And so when I told her that somewhere in our plans, a little studio/office/work den (for me, not that I admitted and confessed until just two nights ago to Steve that's what I saw it as) had worked its way on to the back of the garage, she laughed heartily. Great! she beamed.

It was around this time that Jen mentioned the Mookaite, suggesting her sense was that it would be my working "tool"/stone, what I used in my particular healing work (that of babies and mothers, of which I've had several 'lessons' or 'jobs' already and have fumbled through my initiation largely unaided yet methodically taken through, by "upstairs", to get me through seeing them through.... if that makes any sense whatsoever, dear reader). I said oookay, best look into getting me some of this Mookaite and after a couple of hours into my time there chatting with her, it was obvious to both of us that I really did need to read up about this stone.

Jen went into her study den, found a book after nearly ten minutes of searching, blew the dust off it and said, "Let's see whether it's in here." And so it was. I will put, in part, the information it gave in this particular book which was quite different, though complementary, to information I found when researching later that night at home on the internet. I was stunned at how it stood out to me, given the conversation we had just been having about where I planned to direct my study this year.

"Mook Jasper (the other name for Mookaite) activates the deeper aspects of mind and genetic memory. It assists us in perceiving ancestral lessons and in clearing those lessons to free future generations from having to repeat them. It is an excellent stone for use by pregnant parents, as it can facilitate intuitive communciation with the unborn child. Used in meditation, this stone supports alternate-life work but is most suitable for clearing unhealthy patterns from the genetic code."

Well. You could have knocked me down at that point with the faint waft of a sparrow's bum fluff. It seemed to have all the earmarkings of a bloody epiphany to me! Not only did it seem to sit so well with what it appears destined I will be doing more of, it also showed me it will be an integral and essential tool for me this year as I step up my own decoding (I have always, always maintained that I am in "this" with/for Lolly to "crack the dysfunctional codes" passed on by generations - not just my obvious parental patterns overlaid by my own parents, but also theirs, and theirs before them and so it goes, on and on... I'm not just talking physical actions, but genetic wiring; it's something I've touched on briefly in my book, as my paternal grandmother line had horrifying child losses that I guess I've always known on some cellular level is connected to my story). To think I have an aide here on the ground, by way of such an awesome-looking rock (mined only in Australia too, as chance would have it) just blows me away.

The internet search turned up another, yet entirely helpful and accurate, timely meaning.

Mookite is a very grounding crystal that assists with self-esteem. Can help with dreams and meditation and moving forward in life. Helps with fear and depression. Encourages you to be more social, fostering new perception and communication skills. Mookite helps one experiencing new circumstances, soothing erratic behavior and helping one to remain calm.
Mookite is a great companion for those who are alone or feeling lonely. For people who work with children or have children of their own, this is a brilliant stone to help you to understand why the child is behaving as they do and enables you to modify this behavior to a beneficial state without the child noticing the change.

Mookite is also a great stone for those who are kind to all, except themselves, as it allows them to become kind to themselves too.

Also helps to relieve water retention. Mookite has also been used for regeneration and healing the everyday wounds.
Mookite provides a protective shield over you to buffer you from others negativity.
Mookite aligns one's energy and is also very grounding, keeping one's feet on the ground while going through the deep shifts that it initiates.
Mookite assists with decision making, guiding the user to the answer that is best for them at that point in time.
It can also be used for discretion, when helping others with their problems.

Enhances your creativity & the 'flow' of new ideas into your life.

So, I got on and did a search of where I could get some. I was thinking a nice little pebble-sized piece would be good. Perhaps a couple of pieces. I couldn't find it anywhere. Everywhere was sold out. But I wasn't impatient, for I knew that my rock would turn up. Sometime.

That time appears to have been yesterday. By courier. Late last week, during a midnight search, I came across an online store - not only did it have the only piece for sale that I had found in my extensive (albeit only online, granted), it is mere suburbs away from me! The thing is so heavy you need two hands to hold it for any length of time (certainly for carrying around). I can't decide which angle I love best, so just had to share two views, the photos of course don't do it nearly enough justice. But anywho, here it is:

When I told Jen, she wrote back to me, "You just have to love the universe and be ever so thankful that it communes with us in this way. You deserve its relationship and sharing with you. I think (the LGBB) is one unique piece of Mookaite and is being releived of some duty whilst she goes into her walk of life and Mookaite is your shield now that you have taken on your upgraded walk."

It makes so much darn sense to me that my head is spinning.

* To date, I need to humbly point out, Jen has not gotten one "prediction" wrong. She speaks, forgets what she says, I take it all in, take down my notes (mentally, or on paper sometimes) and then realise, holy shit... she's done it again. Time and again this has happened during the seven years I've been working with her. She's truly an awesome ally in my life, but she wouldn't be nearly so accommodating if I was not working towards my own giving out in service to the Earth and for that, I am driven to see this through to whatever its conclusion. To sit idly by at this point would be, well, just hideous of me.

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