Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He's through

Dad is out the other side of his op. You can't keep a chipper English chap down.

I phoned this morning to ask after him and they bloody put me through! I kinda hate when nurses do that.... sorry, nurses reading! I didn't want to disturb him, as my father is very much a person who is go-go-go and seems constantly switched to "On". Hmmmmmmmmm.... wonder where I get it from!?!?!

So there he was, doped up to his eyeballs on morphine and attempting the crossword. Gotta love 'im. He sounded slurry but still very intelligible. He prattled on as if he hadn't just gone through major surgery (they had to cut longer than they'd expected, due to scarring from a childhood appendix rupture... yeeeowch). I wanted to cut it short and didn't want him to recount details he's likely to have to repeat several times over to each new visitor as the days wear on. So I asked him if the hospital "looked nice." What a drip.

I'm so very relieved it's passed. I was climbing the walls last night and wringing my hands and didn't realise it until the call came through from my step mother. After that, I was able to settle down.

Upshot is, it is believed they've "got it all". The tumour was "small, about the size of an egg" (to which I say 'Holy shit, that doesn't sound small, but ooookay!'). The official prognosis comes through on Thursday but we are expecting the news to be good.

A trooper, is my Farver. And thank you, for keeping him/us in your thoughts. Your messages and emails have been so, so gratefully received.

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