Monday, August 3, 2009

Mandala Meditation Monday #8

Something 'a little different' today.

A simple meditation on the Magpie. They're so active around here at the moment, gearing up for Spring. And I've long since learned to notice them, travelling in their numbers, and been reminded to do a clearing/protection in those moments. Sometimes I remember to, often I have not.

And so it was today. My father goes in for surgery in mere hours, probably not even that. I was buckling the LGBB in to her carseat and she was adamant she had to get back out and watch the birds. She's never really interested in birds, not more than a fleeting glance. And besides, she wanted to get to occasional care quickly, to show Ruby her plaits (it's all plaits at the moment, it seems to denote some heightened "big girl" status to Lolly).

I was surprised, then, to follow her pointed finger to our front lawn where three gorgeous Maggies were jousting. Yes, jousting. With their beaks. In my mind, something immediately told me I needed to perform a Level Three clearing and protection, which I have since performed. Something needed clearing, I don't know what. But today, I ensured my father was also on my 'radar' as I made the gesture and offered it up to the Big Whatever.

Today, instead of a mandala as such, I want to share two different takes on the Magpie, seeing as his energy is obvious around me on this sunny, crisp day.


"In the Dreaming, way back in the beginning of time, when the world was first created and everything was new and young, the sky was very close to Earth. The light was shut out by the sky, which blocked everything and the world was dark. Also, there was no room to stand up, for the sky lay too close to the Earth. All the people had to crawl around on their bellies in teh dark, collecting any food they could find with their bare hands. All the animals, too, even the birds, walked upon the land and many were easy prey for their predators. There were no tall trees to make safe nests in, so the young birds were defenceless. Life was very difficult. No one knew what light was. They had only ever experienced darkness.

Everyone complained about the situation, but no one realized there could be an alternative. The Magpies, some of the more intelligent birds, thought about the situation, trying to find a way to change it. Together, they discussed many ideas, tossing proposals around, weighing up the pros and cons, and dismissing those they considered too unrealistic. Finally, they came up with a solution they all agreed had potential. They decided that, if they worked together as a group with their combined strength, they just might be able to raise the sky.

So, all the Magpied got together and began searching the ground for long sticks. They searched until every Magpie carried a stick. Holding the sticks in their strong beaks, the Magpies pushed with all their might, thrusting the sticks upwards, trying to push the sky up and away from the earth. Slowly, so slowly it was difficult to perceive, the sky moved. It was very heavy, but, with the concerted effort of all the Magpies, it lifted a small distance. The Magpies struggled to lift it higher, then suddenly, the sky split open and revealed the beauty of the first sunrise. Overjoyed with the light and warmth, the Magpies burst into song.

To this day, Magpies welcome the sunrise."

by Donni Hakanson (Journey Editions, Boston, Massachusetts; 1998)

I'll put the Magpie meditation in its own post a bit later, for ease of future searching purposes if anyone's interested :)

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