Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Next why don't you sing with meeee

When I took a lightning-impulse photo of the LGBB, in mid lisp, showcasing her "Alphabet" (she had painstakingly arranged the letters - and I think some numbers too - from *cough* A to *cough* Z), she insisted on seeing the shot in the camera's frame.

After careful deliberation of the image, she frowned and demanded, "No, and the other ones." Huh? "I point to the other ones now."

How remiss of me. I hadn't allowed her to include the other letters. And how could I not? She had spent ages putting her masterpiece together while I folded and hung out washing. She had sung the alphabet song, her own original version (she gets all the letters right nowadays, but used to sing "Q R S... T Boo Bee W S Y and Zed, now I know why ABC's next why don't you see boo-bee." That was when she was still breastfed. See the correlation? But she's still got the "Next why don't you sing with me" going on. And it is soooo sweet.

Anyway, then I was asked to take another photo of her presenting the second row.

My funny little Lollypop. Destined to be a letter turner on The Wheel.

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