Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Winter Warmer

For a chest-warming hot drink that will draw out the nasties if you have a serious head cold, try this:

Juice of 1 lemon
Honey to taste
Boiling water
A few shakes of cayenne pepper

I actually find this concoction very soothing. I was only suggested it these past few months and it was really good, if not oh, about 2 years too late (as in, too little too late for the stuff I've had going on in Viral City, population... Me. I'm sorry. Was that overdone? I know. It was, wasn't it? Just a tad).

Just remember to keep giving the drink a little stir or swill, otherwise at the last mouthful, your eyes will bug out of your head like Bugs Bunny when he's strapped to the track and sees a train coming. ie. It's bloody h-h-h-hot.

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