Monday, May 23, 2011

Check it out: Video of fairies sleeping

There is a dim corner of the kitchen/dining area that I have wanted to brighten up for a while. We discussed a skylight. But at $300 plus installation and trying to save up to finish the backyard landscaping as it is, that was quickly ruled about a year ago. So one day recently, I spent $15 on a bunch of sticks with tiny fairy lights in them.

I arranged them in a favourite display vase and turned them on. When the LGBB came home, she almost lost it with excitement. We now have a firmly convinced little fairy spotter on our hands and I have been informed that a flock of fairies (what does one call a group of fairies?) has taken up residence in this artificial floral display indoors at our place.

I had no idea what it means when little flowers are lit up. Apparently, it's a very, very big deal. But I'll let her explain in the video (I think it's from a Tinkerbell movie?? Is it wrong/bad of me not to know?).

Untitled from Lolly Lovers on Vimeo.

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