Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello, Bruder! A vlog.

This is not a sponsored post - as in, I was not paid to write this. It's an appreciation piece for a give away I received and it's only been posted about - as with everything I write on this blog - because I've been so impressed that I felt compelled to share it with you.

A very welcome addition crept its way into our house after the recent Melbourne bloggers' brunch, hosted graciously by Melbourne Channel 31's Room To Grow, Kids Business and once again the lovely folk at Kleenex Mums.

Princess Neighhhhh!

It was a most unexpected gift, one that the LGBB has been playing with consistently in the fortnight since she has had it. For a girl not really much into her imaginative play (something that used to concern me a couple of years ago.... so sensible is the sensible Lolly that I was sure she was destined never to imagine her way through her childhood), this new toy has provided this mum with not only much-needed times of a break from the apparently endless stream-of-consciousness jibber-jabber from her four year-old daughter, but also a rare opportunity to glimpse her playful mind.

Armed with a Polly Pocket driver/rider or two from her own toy stash, the LGBB has been whizzing her friends around in this awesome horse float. A proper Mercedes Benz Sprinter replica. Not to mention the actual horse that comes with the float. Lolly's is (apparently) a flying horse. The best kind, I hear.

So gorgeous. I would have fought to the end for something like this as a child. Horses were my LIFE. No, let me be clear about that for you...... HORSES. Were. My. LIFE! I never had one but oooh I came close to several, I rode them as often as I possibly could. Lolly has never shown interest in them before now.

I jumped online after flicking through their catalogue and it would seem Bruder has all sorts of vehicles you have to see to believe. The attention to detail is really quite awesome. I dare you not to get down on the floor and play with one if it's in your midst! (The Australian importer appears to be Zimbler Pty Ltd, from there you can find stockists)

Miniature versions of Mack and Scania tip trucks, garbage trucks (complete with wheelie bins and all), fire trucks, DHL parcel trucks (which was the other vehicle being handed out at the bloggers' networking morning), cement mixers, tractors of varying styles, the list goes on. Just amazing. It looks like it caters for a wide range of ages too - 2-4, 3-7 and 3-10 yrs. Take a look for yourself!

The horse float has totally won me. It is tough, very well built with quality materials and rolls so easily... Can't say enough really. I wish we had more. I'm eyeing off the jeep and the cattle transport truck. And the cute little forklifts! Oh my. Must stop looking. 

This is ridiculous, I'm a grown woman. Who can I give one to as a gift? Got a few nephews and nieces in the ideal age bracket....

So, thanks Bruder! You have satisfied this mother, at least, and given our little girl an outlet for some fantastic lose-herself time. It is gorgeous to see. And even more of a delight to watch.

Here, captured on that awesome Canon video camera once again, are a couple of scenes from this evening where Lolly is having a grand old time. Up on the kitchen bench. As you do. The first one is her speaking a language all her own, something that vaguely resembles English in places. And the other - regardless of if you believe me - is her pulling her usual "nobody's looking" theatrical antics. I often wonder what she'll be capable of one day with some more confidence and an audience.... Part of me daren't think about it.

Hors'naround from Lolly Lovers on Vimeo.

And.... Scene from Lolly Lovers on Vimeo.

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