Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let's get it on

If there is one thing I love and get a silly giggle out of, it's a good bit of poorly translated English. Having a brother living in Japan is handy for many reasons, least of which the Japlish he finds. Here is a stealthily snapped photo of a sign hanging from the window of a car:

It reads -
Pregnant woman has gotten on

Well, erm, yes.... given that she's pregnant, I'd say at one time or another in the past nine months at least, she certainly has. Hasn't she? But do we all need to have the obvious pointed out on her car window?

Hilarious! I love it.

I've joined in the Hop at Maxabella Loves today. This is more a Love post than a Grateful For post, but I think I'm still allowed to play....

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