Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grateful for.... Interplanetary Dancing

I have been up since before 5am today. Slightly earlier time than usual, but not an altogether unusual time of day for me to be awake and doing some pre-dawn energetic work for the Earth.

It has been overcast and/or raining for the past few weeks. A few sunrises of note as the sun coloured the clouds briefly before they turned into their usual grey gloominess. But apart from that, not much to be seen. Or so I thought. That pesky cloud cover, it has been hiding a real treat. What a sight I was greeted to this morning!

Although I thought twice about it, I didn't bother trying to capture what I saw on camera (sorry!). But imagine this: a brilliantly bright "star" that you know must be a planet (my guess was Venus, which I know can often be seen here in the southern eastern Australia states at least), plus another three stars of varying brightness (but quite faint and getting fainter as the sun edged upwards over the horizon). They were in such unfamiliar formation that I went to consult Dr Google. And was delighted I did.

Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury - if you have been under a rock, like me - are apparently doing a very slow planetary "dance" at the moment. They have been visible from April and will be there in full view for anyone in the south east to see if you check your horizon around 6:15-ish any morning until the end of May.

More information can be found here. And I was delighted to find this website here, what great information! I was so glad I was up this morning, grateful for a cloudless Autumn sky. And absolutely awestruck yet again at the wonder and power of our uncontrolled Universe. Simply breathtaking to consider one is watching not one, but four of the planets whose names we are so familiar with but whose sighting with our own naked eye - within mere degrees of each other, no less - is one of those rare things.


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