Monday, May 9, 2011

By the time you read this...

...I shall be busy packing to catch a plane to go and drink and network it up in Sydney on Monday night. At a cocktail party. Thrown by the good people at and Ford Australia, who not only saw fit to include me in:

...but also decided that a launch party in Sydney wouldn't be the same if I wasn't there.

Well no. Not really. I think my name just got plucked out of a lucky dip hat. But either way, I've been shouted a quick jet up to Sydney for the night. Huzzah!  Please excuse me while I skip-dance-clap on the spot a moment.


Now, to consider outfits and hair and getting up the nerve to fly. Must I? AGAIN?!

I've packed black, black and a bit more slimming black. Required, because I've been informed today by my lovely little naturally slim LGBB that I have a "big tummy." I'd hasten to point out that she is the cause for giving me my pouch, but really.... I'd only be hurting myself more.

Ah, kids and their honesty. You can't match it for a reality bite, can you?

And now, at the 11th hour, I seem to have caught myself a mother of a cold. My Mothers Day gift to myself! So I will look nice and dim, and/or like a sullen teenager who's miffed at being up and with the world anytime before 1pm (as you do when you can only breathe through your mouth and have to squint at even the faintest of lights) in any event photos. Yay, me.

I have no connectivity while in Sydney, sooooooooo.... I'll catch you after Tuesday at which time I will be back composing heavily suggestive posts for you to spread the word and vote for me *ain't too proud to beg*

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