Thursday, May 5, 2011

Starring a very young Jazz and an even younger LGBB

From April, 2007 (aged 9 months.... and 2 years - therefore, the dog should have known better, being the older of the two....)

The LGBB: See doggy. Point doggy. With my cruskit in my grip.
Jazz: She's got fooooooooooooooood!

The LGBB: Damn. Cruskit. Stuck. To. Hand.
Jazz: She's assumed the throw pozzy. Right, so if I sit, I'll get it. Fer sher.

The LGBB: *Struggling* Oh this bloody cruskit. Maybe if I use my ... other ... hand. Great, now they're both stuck to it. What a mess.
Jazz: She didn't throw it. She's messing with me. That's it, I'm standing to get closer, in case Pepper gets it.

The LGBB: Doggy, can you help me unstick this?
Jazz: Oh heck, I'll just eat it from your hand shall I? I know it's wrong, but it's oh so right *eyes glazing over*

Woe is the dog who is scolded for taking the food from a baby's hand
and gets caught by Mummy.

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