Friday, May 6, 2011

The Bitzer Post

Okay. Too many things I have to say... TODAY. So here they all are in one mash-up of a post.

• It's a start: I made a new page where I am slowly going through my old blog and categorizing all the infertility/loss/miscarriage, etc., posts. Please feel free to share it out and check it. Here (or up on the tabs up there ^^ ). And your feedback would be awesome - anything you're seeing/not seeing/want more or less of?

I am quite beside myself. My beloved bloggers have been lost. My painstakingly kept and sourced fave blogs list. Vanished. Vapourized. Made up largely of those commenters who come here regularly. If I've not visited you for a while, this is why. And...... pretty please, can I call on you to comment on this post so I can start snaffling your blog addresses again? I'm really, honestly, all jokes aside, very upset about it! I fear I've lost bloggers in there that never visit here (despite me visiting them and quite regularly, but damn if my stupid - possibly sleep-deprived today - brain can remember half of them).

•  I have a really exciting special offer which I think I should technically write a new post for. So please come back tomorrow!

•  I went to a Bloggers' Brunch in Melbourne today. Took my LGBB and we had a ball. It was delightful to see her play while I mingled. It was the most guilt-free blogging thing I've done (because she was with me, technically).

• I've been up since the dawn of time. Or 3am. Whichever. Take your pick. By now, I am quite delirious. Yes, for 2.5 hours, our dear child had us either looking for or placating because of a spider. In her bed. "Tickling" her. It was either imaginary or quite real and just so invisible that I couldn't see it - nor could her Dad - the 40 dozen times we checked her bed. She climbed in with us for a time. Somewhere around 4am. By 4:45, neither of us asleep again, she declared she'd like to go back to her bed. Took her back. Five minutes later, those telltale kiddy-stomps came up the house. I took her back. I yelled. I'm not proud. But come ON, people. It was nearing 5am. I was supposed to be up and bagless (fat chance) and awake and with it (fatter chance) at a spritely 7:30am to get us both ready in time for the drive to Windsor for the beginning of the blogger function.

• Here's where you can hover your fingers above the number for DOCs if you so choose. I told my child, after the hour had passed 5am and I was there by her bedside - AGAIN (or was it still?? At this time of night, I really cannot be sure now) - that there was "NO BLOODY SPIDER, so GET TO SLEEP! NEEEOOWWWW!" Yes. I screeched. Like a bit of a bogan. And then I walked out. To bed. Not to sleep. My heart was racing. What was the point of trying to sleep now? This is the time my body naturally starts to stir, such is my love of early mornings. And then, there they were again... those bloody stompy footsteps. I was defeated by now. I'd played my best negotiating, Mother Tiger, beggy/pleady/angry cards. So I folded. I took the LGBB back again to her bed and told her I would sit in her room until she felt the "tickly (fecking) spider" again.
I waited, perched on her bed for fifteen minutes. And then all of a sudden.... "MUM! I feel it!! It's on my toes! MY TOES, MY TOES!" I peeled back the covers. Nothing. There was nothing there. Such an anti-climax. I had almost wanted to see a great honking black menacing, billboard-wearing "I Scare Sleeping Children" arachnid monster. But nope. Not a thing.

....... That is, unless you count the teeny tiny blob with the telltale single-leg-akimbo on the underside of my LGBB's foot. Where, I daresay, she'd smudged the fucker into her bedsheets when she did the kicky-tickle-dance.

She doesn't know. Still. She'll never know. If you don't tell her, the lot of you. I walked out of that room somewhat sheepish(er) and her none the wiser.

At 7:15am, into our room flounced Miss "I've had slightly more hours' sleep than Mummy" with a "GOOD morning, guys!" so chipper I could've whacked her. Had I had the energy.

More another time. I'm just gonna lay my head down now on the keyboard and........ adsflka;'aSDCFJKLIIOER8888888888888888888CFKLMM *SNOOOOOOOOOOORE

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