Wednesday, June 30, 2010

People see you the way you see the world

Personally, I don't think it's a finite rule. I don't think people's opinions of me can change as much as I tend to change my mind about how I feel about "the world" as a whole.

I mean, intrinsically, I know the world is beautiful - in my heart of hearts, and if I could look inside the heart of all others, I trust that I would find a collective of good that would outweigh that same collective's "shadow side" or ill-positioned states of being - but some days, I am more cynical than others. Some days, I wake up with a chip on my shoulder which screens the beauty I would usually see.

Hmmmm... thinking about it now, perhaps on those days, if you were around me and I was truly showing myself (like I do with a loved one or/and someone who knows me and I feel safe with), I'd probably appear a bit more arse-holey than if I had woken with my more lateral thinking self at the fore. Those are the days I cherish having friends who can talk past my bullshit and bring my overswinging pendulum back to my centre.

So maybe people do see me the way I see the world! A nurturing, filling-up, breath of fresh air some days .... a cold, blustery, mean byotch to deal with on others.

Know what I mean? Lost anyone?

People see you the way you see the world: True or false? What do you think? Discuss.

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