Friday, June 11, 2010

Steps to having a great day

Lolly's day yesterday, in pictures....

No one can ever tell you too much eye shadow - on your cheeks - is enough

Pose to look bewdiful, give simmering look to camera. Then...

When you've seen said picture and realised your lippy is *aherm* slightly outside the lines, run around and around and around the island bench in a cooped-up-inside stupor, which you may want to occasionally fuel by

pausing a moment to check your reflection in the oven door and checking over your facial artistry

and a dash to the bathroom to put a comb through your hair (through, mind, not "stuck in")

then scarper again, squealing at the same point in the kitchen like a trained monkey each time you pass it, cos that amps up the fun factor

round and round and round, remember

finish off with a cheeky giggle

and then grab the camera and take a photo of your Mummy looking like a crazy cat lady.

Job well done!

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