Thursday, June 17, 2010


Lol-cabulary: My made-up word to describe the vocabulary of Lolly. So I don't forget it.

Memo - not, as you may think, of the notation variety. Nor a man of Greek Ostrayan descent, the likes of whom was made (in)famous on Acropolis Now. No, this is Memo (spoken: "ME-moe") as in "I want to watch Finding Memo."

Yesterweek - last week. Of course.

Lastday - oh dear. Those pesky English language inventors really should have consulted with our daughter. I mean, yeah. I'm with her (she argues this with us regularly): Why, if it is "yesterday", is our word for the day before the current one not "lastday"? Or, alternatively, why can't we have yesterday and yesterweek? It's just silly.

Smushmallows - the little fluffy balls of sugary delight that you roast by campfires or pop in your hot chocolate.

• "Yo Gazza Gazza" - apparently an Aussie version of Yo Gabba Gabba just begging to be made... I can just imagine what DJ Lance Rock would be wearing in that version.

• Cathay - the place you go for a 'cino and a light snack.
Used in a sentence: "Come on, Mummy, let's go to the cathay for a milkshake."

• Matcher - use these to light candles and fires. I guess it makes sense, when all you hear is "Where are the matches?", "I need the matches" and so on. How does she know it's not matchers? Again, I'm almost with her.

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