Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What the Fendi?

So much potential. So much anticipation! So much promise in a poster.....

SATC2. And I didn't get it. Wait......... nope, I don't have a penis, I just checked. So it's definitely not a gender thing. I am going to touch briefly on plot points in this post and I'd give you a spoiler alert but, really, there ain't no more spoilin' to be had. This one has definitely gone off the boil all on its own :(

I fear I may be kicked out of the sisterhood for saying this - way more danger than when I admitted this - but....... I went and saw the new SAT2 movie at the cinema last night (all two hours, 45 minutes of it) and it was awful! Awful, awful, awful.

The first movie took me a couple of watches (I made myself watch it again, just to be sure I wasn't disappointed and, as it turns out, I can watch that quite happily now). But I daresay I will not be watching SATC2 again.

I'm not so difficult to please, movie-wise. I sat through Intolerable Cruelty (and it was) and Twilight. Heck, I didn't even walk out during Iris. But this was just too bad to enjoy, no matter how very, very much I wanted to.

I went with a similarly unimpressed friend - we were BOTH very keen to sit back and immerse ourselves in our onscreen "friends'" latest. Two minutes in, already I could tell it would have to really work hard to convince me. And I'm afraid, it just didn't.

The acting seemed wrong, the characters were therefore different. They truly felt like they'd only just come back together, having read their scripts in different corners of the country, and turned up on set to film. I'm talking about the guys who play the husbands and partners as well. The only partner who was convincing this time was Smith (mostly because, probably, he was "on location" and only appeared in one scene on the phone to Samantha after their estrangement so stuntedness would have been expected). Oh, wait, I do apologise - Chris Noth was great. But he had plenty of scenes to prove his greatness in. Poor old Harry and Steve only got a split second look-in and it was a real car wreck to watch.

And do not even START me on Liza Minelli's cameo. Dear heavens above.

The plot was implausible - I can see how they may have thought it was, but they just threw in too much. Tooo, too much! I mean..... bringing back Aidan was a very good plan. Great move! Certainly had me a-twitter with anticipation to see what was going to happen. But the circumstances in which she came across him? Come ON! Noooooo! By this stage, I was already peeking out from behind my splayed fingers. By the time they blatantly tried to score some cinema-going "WOOT!"s from the mothers in the audience, using the Charlotte-Miranda "we're hard-working mothers" vehicle, I was almost in the foetal position. I wanted to align with them SO much, I truly did! But it was so bloody contrived! And Miranda is usually my favourite. By far.

Carrie was a brat. And she twirled in wonder at her surroundings FAR too much (even more than usual) for my liking. Samantha was tired and far too "done". Charlotte.... she did have a great scene or two, particularly when she was in the pantry crying (could have really put her on my shoulder and her given a comforting, sympathising back-pat there) and also in the closing panning scene in Carrie's apartment - this was my only real fave heart-soar moment in the entire looooong endurance. Miranda was .... nnngh. Again, I wanted to like her like I've always done. But the writing was not good enough. In saying that, she was the only one worth staying for if you ask me. I wanted to smack Carrie in the kisser and tell her to grow up, frankly. Sorry, SJP, but really. Really?

I'm sorry! I feel the need to pause here and apologise. To all the people who so enthused about the movie that I felt excited to go. To all the women who enjoyed it so much and are confused by my passionate dislike of it. Ok....

That out of the way, let me just say, they did get a couple of things right. Namely, the quick flashback moments:

But, overall, there were so many bads that the few goods were too outweighed to save it. Such as, the karaoke scene (below). I'm sooooo disappointed!!

This was NOT the thinking woman's fluff movie. I am a loyal fan of the series, I eventually enjoyed the first movie. But I think they ought to have stopped at one. This second one felt over-indulgent and more "let's make more" than "let's give the fans what they want". There was nothing clever in this.

Sorry sisters!

I can only afford this one over-easy, overdone egg....

Have YOU seen Sex And The City 2?
What did you think of it? If you loved it, tell me why! If you didn't, quick... let's slink sheepishly away together and discuss our defection.

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